Why should I use RunYourMeeting?

If you want a smart, effective tool for driving your organization forward by making every meeting matter, you should use RunYourMeeting. It is easy to get started with and it pays off quickly.

Why should I use RunYourMeeting when I already have Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent tool for scheduling meetings and inviting participants to meetings, but it has no dedicated features like setting a simple agenda, taking notes or distributing action items to meeting participants. With RunYourMeeting, you can easily create recurring meetings and automatically include the minutes of the previous meeting. Quite simply, RunYourMeeting can drive your business forward.

Can I integrate RunYourMeeting with Outlook?

Yes. If you are using Office 365, all of your meetings from Outlook will appear in RunYourMeeting. You can also download our Office 365 Outlook add-in that we call RunYourMeeting Agenda Builder from Microsoft AppSource. The add-in allows you to build the meeting agenda, schedule the meeting and invite participants all in Outlook. Read more about our integration with Office 365 on our blog.

Can I work from different devices?

Yes. You can access RunYourMeeting from a responsive web interface from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. We also provide mobile apps for iOS and Android with full functionality.

Who is responsible for RunYourMeeting?

Stratsys AB is the company responsible for RunYourMeeting. More than 100 people currently work at Stratsys AB developing and selling various web-based services for streamlining work. The ambition of Stratsys AB is to make work simpler!

Just as Facebook, Spotify and online shopping have revolutionized people’s private lives, Stratsys wants to help modernize working lives. Stratsys’ strength lies in its talented and committed staff. Some 98 per cent of our customers are very happy with us, and we are growing quickly.

How do I create an account?

You create an account by signing up for a free trial. No credit card is needed. After you’ve given it a proper try you can then decide whether or not you want to subscribe to one of our plans.

What is the difference between an administrator, an organizer and a participant?

There’s two types of users in RunYourMeeting – organizers and participants. Organizers can have administrator rights.

When you create a new account, you become an administrator. As an administrator, you can administer all aspects of RunYourMeeting, including users, payment plans etc. Naturally, you can create meetings and invite participants to meetings, create action items etc.

Meeting organizers can create meetings and invite participants to them. During the meeting, organizers can take notes, create and delegate action items and create decisions.

Meeting participants are invited to RunYourMeeting by a meeting organizer. Participants receive the agenda and, later, the minutes by email. By logging in to RunYourMeeting, participants can contribute to the agenda by adding new items and uploading documents to it. Participants can follow up and report on actions delegated to them.

Who can view my meetings?

Each meeting is only visible to the users that participate in that specific meeting. Nobody else can see or access your meetings.

Where is the data saved?

All data is saved at Tripnet’s data centres. Find out more about security here.

How secure is the system? Can I be sure that outsiders will not be able to access my meetings?

Many meetings and meeting documents are confidential and this is why security is extremely important in RunYourMeeting. Meeting organizers have full control over the data and decide which meeting participants can access it.

The system uses encrypted communication via the Internet and the encrypted HTTPS protocol. Find out more about security here.

Do I need to install anything?

No. RunYourMeeting is a cloud-based solution, which means that innovative new features and updates will be rolled out automatically every four weeks or so.

Do you offer support or video guides?

Yes, and yes. You can always contact our support directly through RunYourMeeting or at support@runyourmeeting.com and you can find our video guides and introduction videos here.

Is Run Your Meeting available in any other language than English?

Yes, at the moment RunYourMeeting is available in English, German, Swedish and Norwegian.

Are there any technical limitations?

We recommend using the latest version of your browser. For Internet Explorer (IE), we support IE11 and Edge.

Payment and billing

What does RunYourMeeting cost?
If you wish to continue using RunYourMeeting after your free trial has ended, it costs between $6 – $9 per month per organizer depending on the plan you choose. All plans allow you to create as many meetings and action items as you like. You can invite any number of participants to your meetings. Find our prices here.

How do I pay?
You can pay by credit card when you’re logged in to RunYourMeeting. If you’re a large organization or need a customized plan for any reason, contact us directly for a quote at sales@runyourmeeting.com.

How long is a billing cycle?
You’re billed once a year for the next 12 months of using RunYourMeeting.

What amount will be charged to my credit card?
You pay in advance for the entire billing cycle. In other words, your credit card will be charged in advance for the next 12 months of using RunYourMeeting on the payment plan you have chosen.

What happens in 12 months?
If you do not cancel, or change your subscription it will be automatically extended. You will start a new billing cycle and your card will be charged for an additional 12 months of use on your current payment plan.

What happens if I change payment plan during a billing cycle?
If you choose to upgrade to a plan with more organizers, your price will depend on how much is left of your current billing cycle. Your new price will show in the interface before you confirm your upgrade.

For example: 10 months in to your billing cycle, you decide to upgrade from Starter to Small. You will be charged for two months of Small ($180) minus the two months of Starter ($60) that we owe you. Hence, you will be charged $120. Two months later, when the next billing cycle starts, you will be charged the full price for 12 months of Small.

No refunds will be made on downgrades during a billing cycle. To downgrade to a payment plan with fewer organizers, you must first ensure that there are few enough organizers in your organization to meet the new payment plan. Once you have a valid number of organizers, you can downgrade your payment plan. When the next billing cycle starts, you will be charged the price of your new payment plan.

What if I have a discount code?
If you enter a valid discount code, you will pay the regular price less the discount. A discount code can be valid for one or several billing cycles.