Get everyone prepared for a productive meeting

Set the agenda in advance with attached files and clear objectives and everyone will come prepared. All participants will get the information in their inbox before the meeting.

No one will miss a thing with actionable minutes and to-do lists

Your meeting will follow a clear structure and it's easy to write minutes and assign responsibility for each action item. All meeting participants will instantly know their responsibility through personal to-do lists with a clear deadline for each action.

Stay productive from one meeting to the next

Start your next meeting with the previous minutes and make sure that everything you have decided has been done. With comments and status reports on each action, email reminders and push notifications when your deadline is approaching, productivity is a fact!

Our features




All your meetings in one place. Create a new one or create one based on your recurring meeting agendas.


Build an agenda and distribute it to all meeting participants, both internal and external.


Write meeting minutes on your computer, phone or tablet and have them finished and distributed when your meeting is over.


Get things done and easily create action items for yourself or assign one to a team member.


Keep track of all decisions from all meetings and rule out any doubt as to who’s doing what.

Recurring meetings

Save time and start reusing agendas for recurring meetings. Kick-off each meeting by reviewing minutes from prior meetings.


Make sure everyone’s up to date with updates and reminders via mobile apps and emails.

To-do lists

Never miss a deadline with all your personal and delegated actions in smart to-do lists.

Agenda templates

Save agendas as templates to save time and keep consistency in your organization.

Download our Outlook add-in for Office 365 and build your agendas in Outlook. Easy, accessible and hassle-free!

Use our integration with Office 365 to simplify your login to RunYourMeeting. We’ll also fetch all your Outlook-scheduled meetings into RunYourMeeting. Just press the Office 365 button when you register or sign in.