• All data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Regular real-time backups
  • Database in clustered environment with built-in failover
  • Mirrored data centres in separate physical locations
  • Several independent connections to the Internet, uninterruptible power supply, intrusion prevention, protection against fire, climate control and video surveillance
  • Restricted number of login attempts before users are prevented from logging in
  • ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certified datacenter
  • Built in threat detection

Access control for meetings, activities and documents

Only those participating in the relevant meetings have access to their meetings. No one else can see the meetings.

Genuine network protection

The network that interlinks the RunYourMeeting (the service) production servers is protected by redundant firewalls, intrusion detection systems and load balancers.

Secure passwords and unique user names

Each RunYourMeeting user has a unique user name and identifies themselves in the system using a personal password for RunYourMeeting or through Google or Microsoft.


System status and performance of RunYourMeeting shows an uptime averaging 99.98%.

Multiple layers of redundancy

The RunYourMeeting network infrastructure is designed for total redundancy and maximum availability. All business-critical equipment, including routers, firewalls, applications and database servers, as well as storage and network equipment are configured and up and running to ensure seamless transition should anything happen.

Disaster recovery and incident management

The RunYourMeeting production system is run on a server cluster at two geographically distinct locations. All important servers and applications are installed at both locations to ensure that operations cannot be disrupted in the event of major outages or disasters. In the event of a fault at one of the locations, the other is configured to take over all production tasks with the minimum of service downtime and loss of capacity.

Backup and restore

RunYourMeeting uses mirroring and backup routines in multiple stages. In the unlikely event a major crash were to occur, the back-up copies are only used to restore the full production system.